Thanks to its 42 years of experience, the Sea Week has progressively improved, in quantity as well as in quality, its nautical and recreational offer, providing us with new areas of competition and entertainment. Today, the Sea Week stands as one of the largest nautical festivals in the country, most certainly the highest, bearing in mind the wide range of competition events and the number of days in which they are organised.

In the entertainment field, the Handicraft Regional Fair, the Gastronomic Fair and the Expomar have gained high acceptance before the public, enhancing other areas of opportunity, which straighten the relationship both with the twin towns and the Portuguese and French cities with which Horta establishes nautical connections. This year, the Sea Week will have, as an innovation, the placement of an electronic tent at Vitorino Nemésio Park, known as Alagoa Park, which will be the setting for the After Party, especially aimed at young people.


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Nautical festival

The greatest nautical festival in the country.
In one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

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The Sea Week, starting on the first Sunday of August, is one of the greatest events taking place on Faial island. The nautical festival with its regattas and other sport activities, along with the gastronomic festivals, handicraft, folk music shows, live concerts, exhibitions and parades involve Horta in a festive ambience.

It all began in 1975 with the festivities to celebrate the arrival of the international sailing regatta “1975 Sailing Race to Horta”, organised by the Multihull Offshore Cruising Racing Association in cooperation with the Horta Nautical Club, the Horta Tourism Regional Commission and the Royal Albert Yacht Club. On the 2nd August, thirteen of the fifteen registered sailing boats left Portsmouth. Ten days after, the first sailing boat, the trimaran ‘Triple Arrow’, under the command of Brian Cooke, arrived at our bay, which is today classified as ‘One of the most Beautiful Bays in the World’.

For a week, yachtsmen and locals watched and even took part in sailing and whaling boat regattas, held a mural painting contest on the walls of Horta pier, as well as sand sculpting activities, island tours and dances. The festivities ended with the ‘Caldo de Peixe’ (traditional fish soup), Pico wine and the promise of a new gathering.

The success of this festivity, showed by the growing number of yachtsmen throughout the years since the first edition, led the Horta City Hall to become the entity responsible for the Sea Week organisation with private and government sponsors.


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  • Week Pass
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  • #Noites loucas
  • Week Pass
  • July 27th to August 4th
  • After Party
  • #Noites loucas
  • Daily Pass
  • After Party
  • #Noites loucas
  • * 2€ extra if bought at the entrance
  • Daily Pass
  • After Party
  • #Noites loucas
  • * 2€ extra if bought at the entrance

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Horta City Hall, and Clube Naval da Horta Bar
On the day of the event: Clube Naval da Horta Bar and CMH Kiosk (next to Avenida 25 Abril stage)


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Sea week 2017 Music theme

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